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Sesame 0.95 released

From: Jeen Broekstra <jeen.broekstra@aidministrator.nl>
Date: 14 Aug 2003 17:03:29 +0200
To: www-rdf-interest@w3.org
Message-Id: <1060873409.9472.49.camel@dogbert>

Sesame 0.95 - storage, querying and inferencing for the Semantic Web

In this release the focus is on revising the RDF model classes and the
SAIL API. The RDF model classes are now more up-to-date with the RDF
Last Call specs. The SAIL API has been modified based on our experiences
with it over the past year(s).

Further important changes include:

 * major performance optimizations for SeRQL queries.
 * configurable inferencing for user-specified entailment rules.
 * RDF MT inferencing for in-memory repositories. 

Please see the Change Log below for more detailed info.

As always, the stuff can be downloaded from the SourceForge website:

The latest user- and API documentation can be found on the following

An online demonstration of Sesame can be found here:

By the way, Sesame now includes a set of unit tests for automatic
testing of compliance with the W3C-approved parser test cases,
entailment test cases, and several query test cases. Give it a try and
let us know what you think.


Jeen, Arjohn

Change Log for Sesame 0.95

- Revision of the RDF model classes:

   Several changes have been made to the model classes, most 
   a. all model objects are now interfaces (with a default 
      implementation provided in nl.aidministrator.rdf.model.impl.*)
   b. seperate interfaces for URI-resources and BNodes are introduced.

   See doc/API-CHANGES for details.

- Revision of the SAIL API:

   The RDF SAIL API, the core of the Sesame system, has undergone a
   major revision, making it more clear, stable, and easier to 
   implement. For a detailed description of the changes see 

   For Javadoc documentation of the new SAIL API see

- Advanced Query Optimization for SeRQL on RDBMS

   The SAIL API has been enabled to support query optimization. The 
   SeRQL query engine and RDBMS SAIL now make use of this, resulting in
   considerable SeRQL query performance improvements. Especially large
   improvements can be expected on queries involving multiple joins.

   See doc/API-CHANGES and the SAIL Javadoc documentation for details.

- Custom Inferencing

   Developed by OntoText, an inferencer that allows the user to specify
   his own domain- or application-specific entailment rules in a simple
   XML format. This enables domain-specific inferencing, as well as
   partial support for OWL Lite. See
   http://sesame.aidministrator.nl/doc/users/ for details.

- RDF Schema inferencing for in-memory repositories:

   An in-memory repository that supports RDF+RDFS entailment as 
   specified in the Last Call WD of the RDF Model Theory. Performance 
   tests indicate that the repository copes well with O(10^5) statements
   (tested with 128MB RAM machine). Upload and querying performance are
   *a lot* faster than comparable operations on RDBMS repositories

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