RDF locations of Semantic web groups and researchers

Many of you will have seen work by Jim Ley and Dan Connolly and others
on representing map locations in RDF and displaying them in SVG.

e.g. foaf map

travel tools

As part of the SWAD-Europe project [1] I have written a how-to document
extending this a bit further to show how you might represent the
locations of researchers and groups, their RSS channels, interests,
and projects.


This document has been written in an attempt to persuade people and
groups to make data about themselves available in RDF, so that we can
use visualization tools to see what sort of work is going on where,
including outputs of projects, rss channels of events or news.

So - will you give it a go?

I've done some sample files for ILRT (my organisation), and for some
researchers in HP Labs and W3C (some of the partners in the SWAD-Europe


When you have made an RDF document you could link it from the ESW wiki


or send it or a link to it to this list, the aim being that the
information can then be harvested and aggregated, queried and

The document is written in the spirit of discusson rather than as
claiming to be necessarily the right or only way to represent these
kinds of information. I would greatly appreciate any feedback on the
topic - thanks to everyone who has helped me with it so far, especially
Dan Brickley and Jim Ley.



[1] http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/Europe/

Dr Libby Miller

Received on Wednesday, 23 April 2003 17:35:59 UTC