Re: Query relating to Formal Grammar for RDF

>>>Oliver Lyttleton said:
> The formal grammar for RDF (see indicates
> that a container cannot be a child element of a property element.
> Therefore, RDF statements like this are illegal, no?:
> <books>
>        <rdf:Bag>
>              <rdf:_1 resource="Matilda"/>
>              <rdf:_2 resource="The BFG"/>
>        </rdf:Bag>
> </books>
> Obviously, they're not, but according to the formal grammar, they are!


That's one reason among many why about 1.5 years ago, we started
updating the RDF specs and I edit the syntax draft.  You can read the
latest version at

There is no real restriction on where you use RDF container (Seq,
Bag, Alt) and properties off them, so the above is OK.  It really
always was, in practice.


Received on Wednesday, 23 October 2002 08:46:17 UTC