Re: The Semantic Web... in Haiku

> - An Introduction / to the hard Semantic Web / in simple Haiku

Oh my god, you're a complete nut!    :-)

Wonderful, but:

>  (Terms are also called:
>  Resources, Articles, Things;
>  it rains synonyms).

I beg to differ!   Terms==Names==Identifiers==URIRefs
            and    Resources==Things==Objects
but the two should desperately never be confused with each other.
(Sometomes we treat names as things, as with reification and Herbrand
interpretations, but that's hardly the general case).

I'd try to say in a Haiku, but I'm too intimidated.

Well, maybe I'll try anyway:

   Terms are names for things:
   identifiers or "words";
   their meaning is key.

   Things called "resources":
   whatever you talk about;
   give them good web names.

Ah well.  I tried.   :-)

    -- sandro

Received on Sunday, 6 October 2002 10:21:57 UTC