Re: Innovation, community and queries

[Patrick Stickler]

> On 2002-05-23 9:03, "ext Thomas B. Passin" <> wrote:
> > I think of stereotyped structures of statements like these as idioms.
> > will be a great many idioms, and applications may well be specialized
> > specific ones.  A reified statement could be considered a kind of simple
> > idiom.
> >
> > A query language will be needed that can effectively work with idioms.
> > Simple idioms, with little depth, can be handled already by some query
> > langaguages (I think, but haven't tried any of them), but I think more
> > support for stereotyped structures will be necessary.
> Such a QL could support idioms of arbitrary depth, where
> the query is simply a template to match against the RDF graph.

You see it too - matching against templates of varying degrees of
flexibility (graph regular expressions?).  In fact, you could look at Topic
Maps (translated into RDF) as just such an idiom.

> And folks who already know RDF can easily learn and use the
> ontology to express such queries without having to learn
> yet-another-language -- not to mention the benefits of being
> able to use RDF and XML tools to express/view their queries.


Tom P

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