RE: genealogical data (What work is being done using RDF?)

Apologies, I referred to the 'CLS', I meant the 'LDS'.

I realised this while reading a nice post about the use of namespaces, e.g.

So there's a thought for the day.


Danny Ayers
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    RDF seems like a perfect fit for genealogical data (Family Histories,
etc.) .  What work is being done using RDF and specific schemas using

    --Bennett Cookson

    (I am new to the list but a long time proponent of RDF.  I would like to
use RDF for a new Family Tree (Genealogy) project.)

    Yep, it's a great fit, also something of a challenge because the source
data is very real-world. I've been looking into using GEDCOM as one of the
formats for a graph-based project (I've done a SAX-like parser [1], not
realising that Michael Kay had been covering the same ground with greater
skill). I'm not aware of an RDF Schema that cover this (foaf->roar?), but
recently the CLS (the Mormons) released a model, with XML syntax.

    heh - I just looked on the Genealogy XML list [2] to see if I could find
references, and I see you subscribe Bennet ;-)

    Anyway, I reckon the GEDCOM terminology could easily be made into an RDF
vocabulary, and all you need to do is attach a parser to an RDF API and
you've got umpteen generations on the semantic web.





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