RE: genealogical data (What work is being done using RDF?)

I'm rather intrigued by the genealogy - TM mapping, if you can pass on any
of your experiences I for one would be most grateful.

>So my current approach is GEDCOM -> RDF, chew and mine RDF, RDF -> TM.
>This works pretty well.

Not entirely relevant, but what do you use for chewing & mining?

>Unfortunately, I'm not sure I can release this, as it's done as part
>of closed-source product development. The RDF schema is pretty
>straightforward, though.

The things that go on behind closed doors ;-)

>Just look at the GEDCOM format documentation
>and you can more or less recreate it directly.

The latest stuff is if anything a bit more lumpy thanks to the CLS putting
thechurch-related stuff in, but for a straight genealogical schema, I
concur, GEDCOM more or less says it all.

>I also looked around before starting on my own RDF schema to see if
>anyone else had done RDF schemas for genealogical information, but
>couldn't find any.

Nope, me neither.

Received on Friday, 3 May 2002 19:50:42 UTC