ANN: Joseki, an RDF server for Jena


This is to announce the first beta release of an open source RDF server - it
prototypes an RDF NetAPI.  The system provides both a client API and a
server for updating and querying remote models.  The server can run as a
standalone program, embedded in another Java program, or in a web
application server such as Tomcat.  The protocol is general so other clients
or server could be written.

The RDF NetAPI has two operations:
    + Update(modelURI, triples to delete, triple to add)
    + Query(modelURI, query) -> results

The currently supported query language is RDQL (part of Jena)

The documentation is online.  Source code is included in the distribution.

I would appreciate any questions, comments or suggestions.
Please use the mailing list or email me directly.


Andy Seaborne // tel: +44 117 312 8181 // email:

Received on Friday, 22 March 2002 09:18:04 UTC