RE: initial RDF Primer Working Draft

Upon first reading (fairly quickly) i had these comments.

1. You use the term bNode twice in discussing arcs and nodes, but don't explain what a "bNode" is or why you have adopted this name.

2. "Similarly, when the property value is a string it can be encoded more simply as an XML attribute and value, as an attribute of the node element. This is known as a property attribute ." - a simple example would be handy here.

3. "Another very common use is when a node is an instance of a class with rdf:type relationship, usually called a typed node. This shorthand is done by replacing the rdf:Description element name with the namespaced-element corresponding to the URI of the value of the type relationship." - Again, an example.

That was most of what i noticed on first reading.

One additional thing that I thought would be a great accompanyment to this document would be a "RDF Implementation Primer" type doc - basically something that shows some full walkthroughs of implementing a few Use Cases. An example of using PRISM/DC, expressed in RDF as well as the embedded syntax in a web page and the kind of things this would enable us to do, would be a good start.

Good start though, expecially section 3.


Received on Friday, 22 March 2002 07:18:09 UTC