RE: XSLT transforms application/xml+rdf to RDF database API calls

Oh come on, for production grade material we can and really should expect to
pay production grade prices.

A six pack, at least... And a T-shirt with an EARL assessment of the need to
be hyper-cool...

Evan wrote
  > P.S. If I already got a beer for this hack, what would a complete
  > implementation get me? ;-)
and Dan offered
  Um, how about an SVG/RDF-generated image of some beer? Far more wholesome!

  see also for relevant sub-classes(*)

  If you're an XSLT fan, rummage around
  for MaxF's XSLT that turns HTML imagemaps into SVG image annotations...


Received on Monday, 18 March 2002 05:11:54 UTC