Re: parseType="literal"

[Jeremy Carroll]

> Jeremy:
> All I was trying to get across with this idea of 'namespace pollution' is
> that the xml fragment ("<foo/>") *does* contain irrelevant namespace
> bindings (between prefixes and uris) by virtue of the containing document.
> When you pull this fragment out, and stick it in another document, finding
> the namespaces bindings explicit on the element is somewhat surprising.
> Hence a cut and paste within XSLT behaves quite differently from a textual
> cut and paste. The RDF concept of round-tripping an "xml literal" within
> should (IMO) be positioned as to where it sits between these two different
> operations.

Well, that's for sure - plain cut and paste is out if namespaces are
involved.  It makes me think of something that Outlook Express does nicely.
When a message is open, you can select any of the addressees and copy them.
You only see the name, but when you copy it you get the address, too.  You
can paste it into an address field and have it work as is, or you can paste
it into a text document and see both the name and the address.

That's the kind of action we probably need in some of these cases you have
been looking at.


Tom P

Received on Monday, 11 March 2002 22:40:02 UTC