Re: resolving heterogeneity in RDF ontologies

Varady Zoltan wrote:


There may be some relevant papers in the proceedings of the Semantic Web
Working Symposium, if you are not already familiar with these:


David Allsopp

> I've been experimenting with RDF for the past year at the Technical
> University of Budapest. This semester I'll be working on my thesis, which
> addresses syntactic and semantic heterogeneities between RDF ontologies.
> Specifically, I'm trying to classify the different types of heterogenities
> that can occur, and to see how these are different from the ones that occur
> in a classic relational database context.
> Then, I'm going to implement a program to map RDF descriptions based  on
> different ontologies to a common model, to allow interoperability,
> hopefully allowing the transformation of many different types of
> heterogenities, going beyond just specifying which terms are synonims, etc.
> So basically I just wanted to ask if there was any relevant previous
> research into this field, or any current efforts to accomplish the same -
> for I wouldn't want to reinvent the wheel, and would gladly help with
> current projects, if there are any.

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