resolving heterogeneity in RDF ontologies

Dear all,

I've been experimenting with RDF for the past year at the Technical 
University of Budapest. This semester I'll be working on my thesis, which 
addresses syntactic and semantic heterogeneities between RDF ontologies. 
Specifically, I'm trying to classify the different types of heterogenities 
that can occur, and to see how these are different from the ones that occur 
in a classic relational database context.

Then, I'm going to implement a program to map RDF descriptions based  on 
different ontologies to a common model, to allow interoperability, 
hopefully allowing the transformation of many different types of 
heterogenities, going beyond just specifying which terms are synonims, etc.

So basically I just wanted to ask if there was any relevant previous 
research into this field, or any current efforts to accomplish the same - 
for I wouldn't want to reinvent the wheel, and would gladly help with 
current projects, if there are any.


	Zoltan Varady.

Received on Monday, 4 March 2002 11:13:31 UTC