Ann: Simplistic RDF Editor in SVG+ECMAScript


I've created a simple graphical RDF editor, based on the screenshots and
description of there
are many things wrong with it, but as it basically works and I won't be
able to work on it for awhile, I thought I'd tell people in the hope of
getting some feedback on how this very much alpha software might be made
properly useful.

It's currently only been tested and working in IE5.5 and 6 with the SVG
Adobe plugin version 3.0, the only IE specific code is the clipboard
output other than that everything should work with Mozilla if there's an
appropriate SVG support and the "embed" is okay (IE5.5 doesn't like object
unfortunately) Other browsers again if the SVG support is okay, it should
all run other than the import RDF, which requires the xmlhttp request
object which is IE/Mozilla specific I believe.

* Import XML+RDF and draw messy graphs (you need to drag the nodes around
until it looks nice.)
To import documents from domains other than you need to
lower/have your IE security settings to "prompt" on access external
datasources - or save the editor and associated files locally - check
frequently for updates if you do this.
* Merge multiple documentss.
* Create nodes and link them up.
* Output the graph in NTriple format (there are a couple of known minor
bugs in this currently.)
* Output the SVG.

It's all client-side ECMAscript and SVG.

You can find it currently  at -

All feedback would be _very_ much appreciated.

Particularly my xml+rdf to triples and graph to NTriples are likely to
have bugs in them, don't trust any RDF you get out of it yet, check it
with the validator!
(if you want a standalone xml+RDF - NTriples in ECMAScript )



Received on Friday, 1 March 2002 20:32:41 UTC