Re: Specifing language direction in RDF

Chris wrote:

> I've done another test file based on this [1] but it doesn't generate a
> triple for the language (or the direction) as is being suggested by the

Dear Chris:

DCQ/RDF/XML is saying: If (!) an application wants triples for the language, 
then use the dc:language property (in case of need create a bNode). 
[Given the knowledge about the treatment of xml:lang by RDF at the time 
of writing].

DCQ/RDF/XML doesn't talk about directions. 
It does not suggest to create gadgets like .../xhtml#dir or .../xhtmldir .

It seems to me in the case at hand you want an xhtml processor to deal with the 

rdf:parseType="Literal" is in RDf M&S - 



Received on Friday, 1 March 2002 14:39:45 UTC