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Re: Why is RDF such a tough sell?

From: <MDaconta@aol.com>
Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2002 13:35:39 EDT
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In a message dated 6/25/02 2:35:25 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
seth@brivo.net writes:
> In short, my point is, we all "got it" about RDF, but couldn't for 
>  practical reasons.  There just aren't RDF toolkits for C out there 
>  (without hacking together a URI/network library into an RDF parser into 
>  a good storage with querying, and back out again).  I believe RDF is 
>  tough sell /because you can't do it yet/.  Too much glue right now for a 
>  real life project.  Everyone here wanted to use RDF and DAML+OIL for 
>  transfering information but couldn't without a LOT more code, and we're 
>  not in the business of writing RDF frameworks.  (although that would be 
>  pretty fun)

Tool support is critical.  In our project, when the architecture team 
proposed RDF, 
the development contractor immediately began searching for a commercial 
product to use.  When they could not find one ... they balked.

It appears this front is moving along reasonably well.  Anyone have real-world
experience with JENA from HP?  I plan on downloading and exploring this in
the near term.  Or is there something better I should look at?

It would be great to see MS, Sun and IBM wade in here.  Anyone have any
info on the troika?

- Mike
Michael C. Daconta
Director, Web & Technology Services
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