Re: rdf schema bag question

>>>Frangois Leygues said:
> 1) This is still an RDF issue: 

No it isn't, but the issue resolution hasn't been updated.
It was decided in the 2002-05-31 meeting:
  "(1) agreed to create a daml:collection like structure in RDF"

Basically, the RDF Core WG has added to RDF/XML support for closed
collections in the way that DAML's collection did it - with
rdf:parseType="Collection", rdf:first, rdf:next, rdf:nil and

This does not replace any existing container (rdf:Seq, rdf:Bag,
rdf:Alt) mechanism but provides a way to express a closed container
of items.  It is up to the application how these are used.

> 2) However, DAML solve that in some way. The problem 
>  is that RDF containers seems deprecated now. 

No they are not, see above.

> 3) It is also possible to subclass Containers and to 
> define some non standard convention... 

Of course, you are always free to do that but the above should
help interop.

> 4) It would be nice if a global status about this
> question was presented here... 

It should be recorded in due course, and in the next round
of working drafts.  Sorry this isn't so clear.

speaking personally, not for the WG

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