Call for standard DAML API for perl/prolog/c/lisp etc.

Dear All,

I am just collecting information, and am trying to put togeather a
picture of the APIs and available for processing RDF/DAML.

Now I see that there are many rdf libraries, and some various DAML
The RAPTOR is available on multiple platforms with many interfaces.
Is there any work being done on standarizing the access to these
documents in a DOM like API? Maybe a translation of the RDFS/DAML into
IDL would be the best path forward?

Also, And good place to start with using daml in prolog? I have
installed the SWI RDF lib, but more people have some prolog tools that
I cannot seem to find the source for... The online daml consistency
checker would be nice to view and learn from. 

Anway, hope to hear from you,

James Michael DuPont

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Received on Sunday, 21 July 2002 18:36:01 UTC