Input on Datatypes: Summary of responses so far

First, thanks to everyone who has responded to the request for input.

Secondly, a brief remark to those who are concerned about the question and 
the constraints based on the answers.  One of my failings is often to be 
less clear than I should be in setting the context for a message.

The context here is that the WG has been struggling to get a first 
datatypes WD published.  We are stuck in a loop.  This question is designed 
to get us out of that loop.  That done, we will publish our first WD and 
invite full public discussion of that draft.  It would be very helpful to 
us if folks could treat this question  in the form:

    given (for now) that we had to make the choice between YES to A
    or YES to D, which is better

Given a decisive answer to that question, we can get on and seek your 
review of the full datatypes proposal.

Now, a summary of responses so far.  Please let me know your response is 
missing or inaccurately represented.


   Prefer A to be yes:  none

   Prefer D to be yes: 4

   Responses I'm unable to interpret one way or the other: 2

   That's a dumb question: 1

   Suggested Alternative Approaches:

      Consider defining literals to denote *sets* of values.

      Have two different kinds of equality

      Require the syntax to be precise about the value that is intended

Finally, the response period has slipped and I will be on holiday next week.


Received on Thursday, 18 July 2002 06:39:43 UTC