Re: Input sought on datatyping tradeoff

At 15:20 12/07/2002 -0400, Peter F. Patel-Schneider wrote:


> >
> >    <Jenny> <age>          _:a .
> >    _:a     <xsdr:decimal> "10" .
>What does the object of the second triple above have to do with the
>two-character string '10'?  I don't see any reason that literals are
>strings.  In fact, I believe that in RDF they are *not* strings.

Please try to be helpful Peter.  You clearly understand what the current 
specs define a literal to be.  How is the distinction significant?


> > These test cases only relates to the situation where there are no range
> > constraints on the properties.
>This deserves to be put in large, bold, red flashing type at the top of the

Yes.  I'll send a separate post to emphasise that point.

>Further, what does ``the same'' mean?  Is it some semantic notion?

Yes.  The denotations are "the same".


> >    tidy) the <ageInYears> property takes a value which is a numeral, 
> i.e. a
> > string
>As I understand it, tidy RDF literals are not even strings, but instead are
>structured data.

That is the current status, though there is still some discussion on this 
point.  Is the distinction significant.


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