Re: questions on assertion

> I think we should develop a way of associating an agent (human,
organization or software)
> with a set of RDF assertion either conveyed in a message or published on a
web page.

I agree.  RDF is in need of the concept of an agent -- probably bundled with
some form of authentication.  "Who made these statements, and how can I be
certain that they are who they say they are?"

A practical example:

Streaming Media Description Languauge (SMDL), an implementation of RDF for
describing live and on-demand streaming content, becomes widely deployed by
content publishers.  One such publisher, let's say, the BBC, wraps SMDL
around all of their content so that it can be indexed by search engines,
directories and the like.  Then along comes Mr. DoS hacker who publishes
inaccurate information for all of their content -- bogus links, bogus
descriptions, etc.  Who is the search engine to believe?

> We would probably also need to tie this to some explicit or implicit time
point (e.g., the
> time when the message was sent or the web page last modified).

Again, agree.

Received on Thursday, 11 July 2002 11:25:15 UTC