Re: questions on assertion

We have ways of doing that - just using plain RDF syntax. And in EARL we did
indeed discover that for our use cases it is important to know when an
assertion was made. Again, this can be done using pretty basic stuff that
exists already.



On Thu, 11 Jul 2002, finin wrote:

>I think we should develop a way of associating an agent (human, organization or software)
>with a set of RDF assertion either conveyed in a message or published on a web page.  The
>semantics would then be that, if such an agent is specified, than all of the RDF triples
>in its scope can be taken as beliefs of the agent.  We would probably also need to tie this
>to some explicit or implicit time point (e.g., the time when the message was sent or the
>web page last modified).

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