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Re: semantic annotation of XML docs

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Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2002 17:47:01 +0100
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hi Oliver,

I am not sure if it fits your needs, but taking a look into Meaning
Definition Language (MDL) might be worthful (URL:
MDL allows you to specify mappings from  e.g. XSD-based files to e.g.
DAML-based ontologies; this may fill the gap between legacy data (XML) and

however, so far, I have neither evaluated MDL nor the MDL specific tools!


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Working on (ontology-mediated) integration of XML based tourism standards
I'm doing a survey on existing approaches, tools, projects dealing with
semantic annotation of XML documents. Having XSDs as input and following
the bottom-up approach a conceptual data model will be created (manually or

semi-automatically). The underlying schemas should be then transformed into

either a canonical XSD or RDFS representing the data model ... and the XML
instances accordingly.

Any hints to related work will be appreciated!


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