Using RDF for controlling navigation structure

Hey all, 

I'm trying dive into the deep end of the RDF pool and I need some help. 

I'm trying design (unless someone has done it already and wants to share) an RDF Schema that will allow me to describe the entire navigation hierarchy of my websites. Each point in the hierarchy needs to list the source of data to be used in various roles (for instance the main content, marketing callout, stock data) and the XSL transforms that are going to apply to the data. Further, each piece of data is going to be of a certain type, defined elsewhere. These types are shared across all websites. Each type will typically have default renderings for a particular role. Each website will want to override or add their own rendering for existing or new roles. Each individual piece of data may also override the rendering choices only for itself.  

Typically, the XSL that will be set at the navigation level will only be concerned with positioning the various roles on the "screen" (header at top, followed by main navigation, marketing callouts and related links along the left side, Stock quote and interest rates along the side).  The content level XSL will be concerned with how to render the data in a particular role, irregardless of where it ends up in the over all layout. 

Since creating a single page may very well be a complex piece of work, using many passes through an XSL Transform engine, I may also want to keep reference to the stored output of a particular step. 

If this makes any sense and you have any suggestions on how to do this, I'd love to hear from you. 

Thanks for you help.
Adam van den Hoven

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Received on Tuesday, 19 February 2002 17:57:23 UTC