Re: rdf with xml schema

Hello, David

Jane Hunter gave a good presentation about combining XML Schemas and RDF 
Schemas in WWW10. I am not sure whether this is what you are looking for, 
but check


>hello rdf-world,
>i'm searching for any articles or notes about the additional use of xml
>schema while using rdf with xml basis in order to obtain more
>syntactical constraints for the rdf-documents.
>(does this make sense? from my point of view it might bring some
>advantages for some less complex scenarios.
>but the document structure enforced by xmls would also put constraints
>on the order the statements have to appear etc. i think, that it will
>also be rather fiddly and elaborate to construct a suitable xml schema
>in addition to (respectively together with) an rdf schema.)
>thanks for your comments!
>david greiff
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