Re: DAML Queries

Work is underway on DQL, a query language for DAML+OIL that will
support this kind of query. You can track this work via the various
joint committee archives:


On February 6, writes:
>   Hello, we were recently working with RDF and RDFSchema, now we are
> thinking in use DAML because we will need inference.
>   I would like to know if there is a way to define the queries to a DAML
> model. I mean, I want to know if exists a person which name is 'Mark' and
> his father is not 'Peter' and no one of his sons is called 'Andrew'. It's
> just an example.
>   I think I can use FLogic to keep this query, or RuleML(it can't represent
> all what I want...) or even prolog syntax, but then I need to read the
> query and do it using the acces daml model api (Jena in my case)
>   Will any of these languages become standard? is there any RDF Vocabulary
> to represent this? or any group working on that I can contact with?
>   Thanks,
>          Marc

Received on Saturday, 9 February 2002 11:46:31 UTC