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Re: Toying with an idea: RDF Protocol

From: Alberto Reggiori <alberto.reggiori@jrc.it>
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2001 14:26:13 +0200
Message-ID: <3ABDE3E5.AD9CF982@jrc.it>
To: Ken MacLeod <ken@bitsko.slc.ut.us>
CC: www-rdf-interest@w3.org, rss-dev@egroups.com, etb <etb@jrc.it>

Hello Ken
> RDF Protocol really isn't a protocol so much as setting down some
> conventions for passing bits of RDF around.  Well, ok, some of the
> bits work a lot *like* a protocol, so it's gotta look like that, but
> here goes:
>   <http://bitsko.slc.ut.us/2001/03/rdf-protocol.html>

Your proposal looks very interesting and while reading you docs I
realized that the IM Jabber [1][2] technology is really close to what
your are 
aiming to IMHO. A few weeks ago I started to realize that P2P seems to
be a possible answer to access, share and distribute semantic
information over existing systems and
it might help to practically kick off the semantic web [3][4]; in the
project I am working on in these days we end up using NNTP for RDF
transport, but we now realized that a modular, extensible and open
architecture such Jabber could solve a lot of problems we have now.
Jabber coupled with some rdfweb/webRing stuff could end up in an
interesting project :-)

Jabber is mainly an IM and presence system but the beauty of it that it
is fully XML
based. It has a distributed P2P like network architecture and a well
set of protocols [4]. It can bridge together AIM, ICQ, IRC, MSN and
Yahoo messengers. In the docs you  can read on their Web site it seems
they support RSS 0.9 but I can't find very much information about.

> I'm playing with a Python implementation of the basic message
> read/write and using IRC as the example protocol to emulate, using
> Dave Beckett's IRC in RDF schema.  In case anyone was wondering, there
> are no APIs and no RPCs at this layer, it's all XML instance passing,
> with RDF triples as the content.

There is some open-source code to download and play with [6]

Jeremie has put a really good piece of work out there :-)



[1] http://www.jabber.com
[2] http://docs.jabber.org/general/html/overview.html
[3] http://jabber.org/?oid=787
[4] http://www.oreillynet.com/cs/weblog/view/wlg/171
[5] http://docs.jabber.org/general/html/protocol.html
[6] http://download.jabber.org/
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