Re: "If" and "else" in RDF

From: "Danny Ayers" <>

> Seth, the fastest mentograph in the West!!!!

We're working on making it real time ... well maybe some day ...

> The diagram makes it emminently clear, I for one was making things more
> difficult than they need to be.
> (what tool(s) do you use for the pics, BTW)

IHMC Concept map software from  ... it's free,
the download is rather long, but is well worth it ... it works so well, you
can actually think within the diagrams.  Also if you store your mentographs
on the public server, we could do collaborative graphing.   I started a
project by the name of SemanticWeb .. so many of my diagrams you could grab,
mutate, and rebut if you were so inclined.


Received on Sunday, 29 April 2001 15:01:41 UTC