Re: N3 contexts vs RDF reification

From: "Lee Jonas" <>

> Although these all seem valid points, I think we are talking at
> cross-purposes here.  I am refering to the number of tuples generated by
> RDF parser, whereas you are refering to the number and size of records
> stored.  Both are valid concerns.

I agree.  Actually, in the external communications there ~should be no~
distinction,  this should be left to the choice of the implementor of a
internal data structure.

To help make my decision (which is now wavering to identifying the
statements) I made another mentograph to rebut Murray Altheim assertion that
"There's no way torepresent the variability of one's relationship to the
lily".  You can see from digram [1] that there is not a whole lot of
difference between the different tuple formats proposed.


> Yes, this is the crux, see my summary at the end of this mail.

Thank you for that excellant summary.


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