RDF Schema "Validator" in Notation3

I've hacked up a simple but effective "validator" for RDF schema in

   - RDFS Validator in N3

Just thought people might like to know; I've put it to good use a few
times myself already, and I couldn't find a validator for RDF Schema
yet, especially in N3. TimBL did make an ontology validator somewhere,
I recall... didn't work on RDFS though.

The neat thing about this is it also has a rules file, and if you use
the command line:-

   python cwm.py myschema.n3 -think -apply=srules.n3

It prints out a list of all the rules that it can deduce RDFS-wise
from your schema. It could also be extended to find inconsistencies in
ontologies, or other applications of RDF, but I think RDFS will do for

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Sean B. Palmer
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Received on Monday, 23 April 2001 20:57:47 UTC