RE: ContentType negotiation

Aaron Swartz wrote:

> Lee Jonas <> wrote:
> > The suggestion is: one possible way to associate RDF metadata with a
> > resource is via content negotiation - i.e. negotiate for the
> 'text/rdf+xml'
> > or 'application/rdf+xml' content type of a resource to get back an rdf
> > document containing the resource's metadata.
> >
> > Is this a good idea, or just abuse of multiviews / typemaps?
> I'd think this would be acceptable, and is in fact what I plan to
> implement
> myself. I believe that the W3C has even published a NOTE which uses this
> technique.

Acceptable to whom? Content negotiation as it is currently implemented and
deployed is not acceptable to those people who don't have control over their
ISP's server (that's alot of people).


Received on Monday, 23 April 2001 06:57:09 UTC