Joshua Allen <>:-

> > I have little belief that a general RDF-in-XHTML solution is
> > necessary or even a good idea, and the discussions I've heard
> > here have not
> We hear you :-)  Some people think it is a fantastic idea, however,

What kind of applications are you looking at building for general RDF
contained in XHTML? I think that anything too abstract (a bit like the
stuff Seth and I regularly communicate to each other in Semenglish/N3)
is probably best linked to from the file (a la C.F.M.), whereas
generic applications are best shoved in the files themselves. Screen
scraping is also an option, but it's a bit hacky.

I still believe that a Dublin Core module for XHTML m12n would be a
good start, as would a W3C metadata profile for a "meta" link type. If
people want to start building proprietary garbage at the same time,
then please be my guest, but beware of the "it works for me" syndrome

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Sean B. Palmer
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Received on Tuesday, 17 April 2001 11:10:31 UTC