RE: Metadata spoofing

<- >Why should metadata spoofing be an issue? Its practice on the
<- web appears to
<- >be on the decline, maybe as the pron vendors have started realising that
<- >targeting is a more efficient sales strategy than pissing people off.
<- I wish I could believe that.  That certainly doesn't seem to be how the
<- spammers think.

Ok, perhaps I was over-optimistic. Though I would have thought there would
be an emergent mechanism that kept the spammers/spoofers to a (tolerable?)
low level compared to the bulk of 'truthful' markup that reaped the benefit
of targetting. As I typed that the thought came to mind : but you still get
blatant lies & misrepresentations in printed advertisements...

<- Maybe, rather than talk of meadata "spoofing", it would be more
<- constructive to contemplate ways of assessing metadata "reliability".

Yes. That's better. Web of trust. Optimism returns.

Received on Monday, 16 April 2001 12:19:45 UTC