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You may get an answer here, but DAML questions are best directed to

With regard to the namespace question, at present you cannot use
namespace prefix names in resource attribute values :(


Boon Kulvatunyou wrote:
> I am not sure if this question has been raised by someone already. Anyway,
> the question is-- can I still have a property, which range is a literal
> value like the example below, with regard to the March 2001 DAML. If the
> answer is 'yes', then the property is 'ObjectProperty' or
> 'DatatypeProperty'? If 'no' (which I would probably expect), then I think
> there should be 'domain' and 'range' statement defined in the
> 'ObjectProperty' and 'DatatypeProperty' specification.
> <daml:Class rdf:ID="Person"/>
> <rdfs:ObjectProperty rdf:ID="name">
>     <rdfs:domain rdf:resource="#Person">
> </rdfs:Property>
> <Person rdf:ID="00011222">
>     <name>George Bush</name>
> </Person>
> -- I haven't got a chance to read the namespace spec yet, but I am wondering
> can we use the namespace prefix in the object reference? Like
> rdf:resource="dex:#Person".
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