This exemplifies the problem I have with URNs. We are proposing to replace a
system primarily because it relies on the goodwill and intelligence of an
organisation or three with a system that relies on the goodwill and
intelligence of an organisation  (or perhaps 3...)

There is a genuine issue about the availability of URIs for anyone to publish
one and say what it is. This is a large-scale social issue for the internet
in general and the semantic web in particular, but it doesn't change the
technical requirements any.



On Thu, 12 Apr 2001, Lee Jonas wrote:
  That is the other complaint I have about using URLs to identify physical
  resources such as people.  It seems that for the most part the bodies that
  control the identifiers are organisations, and people do not stay with the
  same organisation all their lives.  As such, their Net identity commonly
  changes when they change jobs.

  As a person, I could identify myself with, say, a centrally registered URN
  that stayed with me all my life.  Others can use it to unambiguously talk
  about me, the physical entity - not me via a specific mailbox or a specific
  web page within my current employer's domain.



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