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>Lee Jonas <> wrote:

>> Taking '' to identify "the person named
>> currently enrolled at Example University" as you said above implies that
>> URLs do not identify these resources through representations, but
>> mappings-to-resources through representations instead.  This would have
>> serious ramifications for RDF.
>I don't follow the difference between identifying resources through
>representations and identifying mappings-to-resources. Could you clarify
>difference? Fundamentally, the fact is that the resource represented by a
>URI should not change, and in the majority of cases, it does not.
>Unfortunately many times the resource represented is not made clear.
>(I'd also like to make clear that these issues are vague, and not clarified
>by any standard, to my knowledge. These are merely my views and

It seems that there is some notion of "absolute resource specifiers", e.g. a
specific person; and "relative resource specifiers", e.g. the person with a
login of 'champin' at Example University.  I was trying to portray that (in
the absense of statements from the publisher of the URI) it is safer to
assume URLs represent the latter.

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