Hey folks. This thread is getting very big.
I would invite all of us to write only things 
that we know exactly, distinguishing between 
facts, hypothesis, questions or opinions.

PLease, let me add an important point:

RDF needs URI.
Subject, predicate and object are URI. (or literal, ok)
I like the way this is explained at:

URL are locators, we all agree.
URL are also URI, they identify the location.
URN are names. The identify something, they are URI.

I love the drawing at:

RFC2396 tells more about that.

Beside that, there is the discussion about 
how appropriate is to use URL as identifiers 
because locations change and re-assigned,
URI shouldn't.

I hope this helps the discussion.
Giosue' Vitaglione

On Thu, 12 Apr 2001, Lee Jonas wrote:
> > [...]
> >From what you say, use of URLs in RDF must be treated with extreme caution.
> Unless a publisher guarantees that they won't change the fundamental nature
> of the resource identified by a URL, you cannot rely on it to identify what
> you intend it to.  
> This seems like the most compelling argument for using URNs for identifying
> anything other than representation mappings yet!
> regards
> Lee

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