On Thu, 12 Apr 2001, Lee Jonas wrote:

  Ok, so if I want to store some metadata that states you wrote the email this
  is a response to, which URI would you suggest I use for the email and which
  URI to identify you?

email: The URI that gets to it from the W3C list archive. That's another one
we claim we will keep forever.

me: or

  Is there any way I can determine the appropriate URIs to use

Not that I know of. Mostly becuase we have so far been slow to provide
retrievable metadata about our site that explains this. Is there a way that I
can find the URN for something programatically?



  Charles McCathieNevile [] wrote:

  >No, you are falling into the trap I am describing, of making assertions
  >a URI that you did not publish and for which you appear to be unaware of
  >As far as I am aware, is a URI that W3C maintains,
  >whether ot provides a way to get to me, or just a way to get a mesage
  >that I have been sacked for eating all the vegemite.
  >At any rate, the semantics of that URI are the responsibility of the
  >publisher - in this case (and here we get to the real process
  >- the people who give away ^H^H^H^H^H sell domain names do not yet seem
  >convinced that they have any responsibility to the community that relies on
  >domain names to identify something). If we have a body that assigns URNs
  >we just repeat the problem, plus we have to resolve them and for some
  >everyone seems to think that the best way of doing that is via a URI

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