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Dan Connolly <> wrote:-

> I hear there's something related called protozilla, but I
> don't know the details.

Protozilla [1] is a plug-in (not strictly... I think they call it a
socket adaptor or something) for Netscape6 that allows one to
associate certain protocols with a particular action on ones computer:
just what you've been looking for, according to:-

The two on my personal to-do list are mid: and irc:.
]]] -

More information about Protozilla is available from [1] which I have
pointed out numerous times before after being introduced to it by
Aaron (who will almost certainly have sent a similar letter to this by
the time I'm through writing). Downloads [2] and examples [3] are also
available. Protozilla also carries with it certain disadvantages: it
makes it way too easy for people to start using URI schemes as
redirects, e.g. myscheme:ABC could be used to reference - I can see some of the Wiki people
starting to use wiki: already :-)


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