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At 12:07 AM 4/6/01 +0800, Ding Li wrote:
>I had read a working draf:      XML Information Set,
>there is an rdf schema for InfoSet on
>however the schema does not exist on a newer version
>When I try to write a rdf schema for it, I found a problem, see below:
>Fact1: one InfoSet can have some InfoItems, and one InfoItem consists 
>serveral Properties.
>Fact2: [Document] infoItem has_a_property [children]
>Fact3: [Element] infoItem has_a_property [children]
>Fact4: however, the two [children] properties have difference meaning.
>So how can we write an rdf schema for InfoSet, or the InfoSet change the name?
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Graham Klyne

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