Networked Knowledge Organization Systems, special issue of JoDI published

Journal of Digital Information announces
A SPECIAL ISSUE on Networked Knowledge Organization Systems
(Volume 1, issue 8, April 2001)
Guest Editor: Traugott Koch, Lund University, Sweden

 From the special issue editorial
"Knowledge Organization Systems can comprise thesauri and other controlled
lists of keywords, ontologies, classification systems, clustering
approaches, taxonomies, gazetteers, dictionaries, lexical databases,
concept maps/spaces, semantic road maps, etc. These schemas enable
knowledge structuring and management, knowledge-based data processing and
systematic access to knowledge structures in individual collections and
digital libraries. Used as interactive information services on the Internet
they have an increased potential to support the description, discovery and
retrieval of heterogeneous information resources and to contribute to an
overall resource discovery infrastructure."

The issue includes the following papers:

S. Cranefield, Networked knowledge representation and exchange using UML
and RDF

M. Doerr, Semantic Problems of Thesaurus Mapping

J. Hunter, MetaNet - A Metadata Term Thesaurus to Enable Sematic
Interoperability between Metadata Domains

K. Miller, B. Matthews, Having the right connections: the LIMBER project

D. Tudhope, H. Alani, C. Jones, Augmenting thesaurus relationships:
possibilities for retrieval

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