I've updated my XSLT RDF Parser to include support for containers,
rdf:value, parseType, and more.

I've also refactored it so that it's broken up into many (over 30) smaller
<xsl:template>s instead of the basically single large one full of <xsl:if>s
and <xsl:for-each>s that was in the previous version.

This update can actually parse all but two of the examples in Section 7 of
the RDFM&S. I've placed a page with links to Dan Connolly's Extraction
Service for each of the examples on my site. (I hope this is OK.)

This is so much fun! If anybody has any comments or finds any bugs, please
let me know. I'm going to work on bagID and reification next.

Jason Diamond.

P.S. What the hell am I supposed to do with aboutEachPrefix? It doesn't seem
possible to implement.

Received on Wednesday, 13 September 2000 05:01:46 UTC