Re: Webize - how to put a system on the web


FYI, one of my earlier drafts [1] gives some specific recommendations
for the design of languages of different kinds including SQL. One of the
benefits of URIzation is context-free recognition of referenced objects
(e.g. field in a relational table).

The DL'00 paper [2] demonstrates mixing of some very different (Web)
languages (page 5).



Tim Berners-Lee wrote:
> When I try to explain the same thing for the nth time for n>~5
> I write it up in Design Issues.  Now I have just done a small
> bit
> on hwt is involved with taking a language and using on the web.
> So if you can't understand why your favorite KR/CG/whatever
> langauge hasn't been used for knowledge on the web, apply these
> simple instructions and maybe it will!  Seriously...
> I just talk about replacing names with URIs and what that entails --
> I would like comments on the question, and points I have missed
> about idenifying closed world assumptions in general and disposing
> of them. Simple self-defense techniques if you meet them in
> your dailiy business...   cc me on any mail as I don't keep up with
> this list.
> Tim

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