Re: Protege and RDF


couple of suggestions for better usability of Protege:

1) allow changing the IDs of the instances (currently, auto generated).

2) support a better navigation/editing of instances, e.g. using a 2D
graph or a tree instead of popping up a new window for the properties.


Ray Fergerson wrote:
> We are working on the next version of the Protege knowledge-base
> development system and are soliciting feedback on Protege's support
> for RDF.
> If you are a current Protege RDF user we would like to know what
> changes to Protege and its RDF support you think would be the most
> valuable.
> If you have downloaded Protege and tried it out but are not using it
> for RDF development we would be very grateful for a sentence or two
> telling us why.
> Please send responses to
> Thanks.
> Ray Fergerson

Received on Thursday, 7 September 2000 18:15:51 UTC