RE: URIs for MIME types

Personally, I would expect that someone might put a spec describing the mime
type there. But for the most part the value proposition is in having a URI
that you can use in RDF statements, as far as I can see. (And it makes more
sense to use http: than to have yet another scheme - I don't see what that
buys us, apart from more schemes to keep track of).

Charles McCN

On Wed, 7 Jun 2000, Renato Iannella wrote:

  --On 6/6/00 10:45 AM -0400 James Tauber wrote:
  >> Not so far as I know, although the idea has been talked about
  >> before. And it would be pretty trivial to do (but more difficult to
  > convince
  >> the rest of the world to use it...)
  > Well, IANA would probably have to do it. But I agree it's trivial.
  > Something like:
  > it what I was envisaging.
  Can i ask a "stupid" question ;-) Why? What do you expect
  that URI to resolve to?
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