a reification question from last year


I've been working my way through the rdf-dev archives and came across this
thread from last July:


Sergey Melnik asks:

1) Reification 

The RDF M&S specification does not say anything about the existence 
dependencies of statements and their reified counterparts; 


 (A) (Tom, hunts, Jerry) 

 (B) (rdf:type, X, rdf:Statement) 
     (rdf:predicate, X, hunts) 
     (rdf:subject, X, Tom) 
     (rdf:object, X, Jerry) 

Does an RDF model containing (A) implicitly contain (B)? 
Does (B) imply (A)? 

The respodants are not in agreement. Perry Caro quoted the RDFms (yes it
does), John Cowan said that Ralph Swick has clarified this matter (no it
doesn't). Jan Grant said no. Jonas Liljegren said no, but you could safely
assume it in this case. Is there a normative answer to this?



Received on Tuesday, 6 June 2000 10:18:25 UTC