Re: xmlns, uri+name pairs or just uris..? Clarification needed.

In a personal communication, "McBride, Brian" wrote:
> >From section 2.2
>   RDF also requires the XML namespace facility to precisely
>   associate each property with the schema that defines the
>   property; see Section 2.2.3., Schemas and Namespaces.
> and from sectino 2.2.3
>   Namespaces are simply a way to tie a specific use of a word in
>   context to the dictionary (schema) where the intended definition
>   is to be found. In RDF, each predicate used in a statement must
>   be identified with exactly one namespace, or schema.
> I had taken these imply that there is a correct namespace for a
> property and that an XML serialization of a model MUST use it.

So I guess I have spent to much time without re-reading the spec !

But the implication here are quite deep :
that means that any property or class MUST have the form <schema>#<id> ??
How limitative !...
And then I don't see the utility of rdfs:isDefinedIn property...


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