URI equivalence, URI's for "standard" identifiers

Forgive me if I've missed something obvious, but...

Is there any consensus in the RDF community about what URI's to use 
for standard identifiers such as ISBN, ISSN, UPC codes, or for things 
like Stock tickers, cusips, patent numbers? It's not like it would 
take much effort.

Assuming the answer is "not yet", I'd like to suggest a rather 
fundamental addition to RDF core properties. It seems to me that 
everyone should at least agree how to say that two URI's refer to the 
same thing.

In other word, we need a universal property to be able to make the 
assertion that resource X is equivalent to resource Y. Something like:

   <?xml version='1.0'?>

   <rdf:Description ID="equivalent">
     <rdfs:comment>This property expresses the equivalence of 2 


<rdf:Description about="http://linkbaton.com/get?genre=book&item=0062515861">

I hope the answer is something like "Working Group XYZ is working on this"


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Received on Wednesday, 19 January 2000 01:10:37 UTC