Announcement: First Graphical RDF/RDF-Schema Editor Available!


The Protege-Group around Prof. Mark Musen at Stanfords Medical Informatics
just released a new version of its Protege-system.
With this new release, RDF authors can use Protege's graphical editing
capabilities directly on RDF schemas and RDF instance data.
Given an RDF schema, specific RDF-editors are generated by the Protege system.

The Protege Web site is at ,
and the software can be downloaded by following the link to "Protege-2000".
You can read about the specific enhancements to support RDF at 

For a comparison between the RDF semantic model and the semantic model
of Protege please have a look at:

Currently this RDF support is marked as "experimental".
That means there is still more work that can be done to make Protege maximally
useful for editing RDF.
Feedback from the RDF community will be very important to for doing so.
We hope that as many RDF users as possible will be able to try out
the software, and to give feedback at .

On behalf of Mark Musen and the Protege Group,

	Stefan Decker

Received on Wednesday, 2 February 2000 13:25:57 UTC