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RE: a questioin on use of RDF

From: <franklin.reynolds@nokia.com>
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 1999 17:27:14 +0300
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To: sv@crystaliz.com, hjelm@w3.org
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The idea of "cards" for sites and people seems reasonable. 
I am not familiar with VCard. What information is contained in
a vcard? 

I like the idea of trying the idea out without getting bogged
down in a standards effort. In order to start a ground swell
it seems to me that we need to publish interesting metadata and
have tools for collecting the metadata and for querying it 
(semantic web crawlers and search engines).

In the interest of publishing interesting metadata how about a
version of a site card that describes a subsection of the web
hosted on a particular site? Some sites host multiple 
organizations. For example, a university may have multiple 
schools and the schools may have multiple departments and 
the departments may have multiple groups and projects... 
I guess I am suggesting something like a "home page card".

I am working on semantic web crawlers and search engines. Anybody

Franklin Reynolds

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> > You know of course that VCard can be expressed in RDF. 
> Maybe this could be
> > an extension of this in some way?
> >
> Seems like a good place to start from. I wonder how many of 
> the RDF fans
> will want to describe their web sites and their own personal 
> pages using
> such a meta format. Can we start a ground swell?
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